Perfektionismus Maximus, Sculpture

Lisa D. Robin
The Art of Tree Reincarnation

Lisa D. RobinĀ“s Sculptures, Bas-Reliefs and Installations are made from recycled materials. Paper plays a special role in her work, made from trees, which are some of the most precious and important beings on our planet.

Permanent exhibitions

Teufelsberg Berlin

"The Pilgrimage of the 13 Blood Moons" Cyclic Installation

The Pilgrimage of the 13 Blood Moons - Cyclic Installation by Lisa D. Robin at Teufelsberg Berlin

La Chocolaterie de Pont-Aven
Bretagne - France

"Reincarnated Trees" Bas-Reliefs

Reincarnated Trees Bas-Reliefs by Lisa D. Robin at La Chocolaterie de Pont-Aven, Bretagne - France